Lunatik Website

Welcome to Official Lunatik website / online store.

Lunatik® has permanently shifted to this official Lunatik website. You can browse our online store for product information, purchasing, claim warranty, reporting counterfeits and to keep in the loop for latest updates and happenings in the Lunatik® world.

Lunatik® makes the world’s toughest and most extreme cases for flagship phones and smart watches. We work daily on our thought process, brain storming new ideas and ways to improve protection and design elements. Lunatik website is our medium to connect and communicate with you to create a safer world for your active lifestyle. Through this website you can let us know what you want, and for which device you want, we are always listening.

We’ve kept the website design very minimalistic and easy to browse. We want Lunatik website to reflect what we make and what we stand for, tough yet minimal in approach.

Genuine Lunatik® products are available on Official Lunatik website.