We greatly appreciate your effort to help us track down counterfeits. Thank you for your loyalty and please continue to stay on the lookout for inauthentic cases. Report your concerns and suspicions to help us crack down on counterfeiting. Fill out this form to report your findings.

What Is a Counterfeit Good?
Counterfeit goods are typically inferior quality products that are sold under another company’s trademark. Counterfeit goods are different from “knock off” goods which involve similar looking inferior quality products but don’t have labels that would violate another company’s trademark.

Is it Illegal to Buy Counterfeit Goods?
Federal law doesn’t prohibit an individual from buying a counterfeit product for personal use, even if they do so knowingly. But these are cheaply built copies made with inferior quality materials, that cannot protect your expensive device when it needs real protection.

Why Should You Care?
Aside from the direct harm to companies and their employees, counterfeit goods also:

  • Introduce dangerous products into the market
  • Will not protect your device due to poor materials
  • Weaken environmental, health, and safety regulations
  • Diminish tax revenues
  • Support organized crime
  • Promote child labor

How Can You Identify and Report Counterfeit Goods?
Often a telltale sign of a counterfeit good is the unreasonably low price. Counterfeit goods can also be identified by the quality of their packaging. We have identified many online sellers across marketplace platforms like ebay, etsy, best buy, amazon, lazada, etc. selling counterfeit copies or knock off of original Lunatik products. Lunatik is exclusively sold on only. If you suspect that someone is producing or selling counterfeit goods, you can submit a report by filling the above form present on top of this page.