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What happens when you take the world’s most advanced and best-selling smartwatch and combine it with a ruggedly refined, precision engineered case and strap from the leader in premium mobile protection? You make it Epik. 

For those who demand more personality and/or seek adventure, the Apple Watch will require enhanced protection. LUNATIK Epik transforms your Apple Watch into a bold, iconic and just plain badass wearable companion, ready for anything. With Epik you can enjoy your adventures without worry, knowing your investment is safely protected.

Epik is the rebirth and evolution of the LUNATIK Watch Kit. An instant global crowdfunding success in the technology and lifestyle industries, the original LUNATIK Watch Kit has been the icon for Apple’s wearable technology for the last 4 years. Now that the Apple Watch is here and poised to change the industry, LUNATIK is focused on developing epic solutions that enable users to use the Apple Watch  in any situation. 
Meticulously designed by Team Lunatik, Epik was inspired by the precision details, functional design and durable materials of outdoor gear. Epik is a distinctively masculine statement crafted for those who appreciate a more rugged aesthetic.

Launched by the design team that kickstarted it all, a few years ago we changed the entrepreneurial world when we simultaneously sparked the global crowdfunding and smartwatch movement. We built a loyal community of Kickstarter and LUNATIK fans that believed a small group of passionate designers and product developers could create something pure and uncompromising. At LUNATIK, our mission is to develop solutions that enable and enhance mobility in any environment—mobility without limits.

Forged from aluminum alloy and premium performance materials, Epik will transform your Apple Watch into conversation-starting, high tech gear that is as comfortable in the boardroom as it is on a mountaintop.
Epik’s rugged case encloses and protects the Apple Watch’s more sensitive and delicate areas. The premium, anti-dust and dirt coated silicone sport strap or aluminum link bracelet with silicone sub-links and butterfly clasp, are designed for long term comfort and durability, even through your toughest workouts. Epik’s highly tactile Active-Control Crown couples seamlessly with Apple’s Digital Crown to enhance grip, making interaction with your apps more efficient in highly active moments.

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  1. Irvine P says:

    Absolutely rugged AW case band, and an even better service. Will definitely recommend your products to my friends. Thank you

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