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Lunatik Taktik Extreme: The Ultimate iPhone Case for Protection and Style

When it comes to protecting your iPhone, finding the perfect balance between durability and style can be a challenge. However, Lunatik’s Taktik Extreme iPhone case aims to solve this problem by offering a rugged and visually appealing solution. In this article, we will dive deep into the features, build quality, durability, and usability of the Lunatik Taktik Extreme case. Whether you’re a tech-savvy gadget lover or simply looking for a heavy-duty protective case, this comprehensive review will help you make an informed decision.

Build Quality and Design

The Taktik Extreme case is a testament to Lunatik’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and a high-density shock-absorbent silicone material, this case ensures maximum protection against all drops and impacts. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, from the sturdy construction to the carefully engineered movable parts.
With its retro-futuristic aesthetic, the Taktik Extreme case is visually captivating. Its industrial design captures the imagination, reminiscent of a scene from a sci-fi movie. While some may find it unconventional, for the target audience of geeky gadget enthusiasts or outdoor adventurists, it is an appealing and unique look.


One of the primary concerns when choosing a protective case is its ability to withstand everyday wear and tear. With its heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum metal construction, Lunatik Taktik Extreme excels in this regard. In our extensive testing, we subjected the case and iPhone to multiple drops from various heights and exposed them to water. Remarkably, both the iPhone and the case remained unscathed, demonstrating the Taktik Extreme’s exceptional durability.
However, it is important to note that while the case offers high water resistance, it is not completely waterproof. Lunatik advises against intentionally submerging the case or exposing it to water for prolonged periods.


When it comes to protective cases, usability is a crucial factor. The Taktik Extreme case strikes a balance between functionality and protection. While it does add little bulk to the iPhone, it offers a comfortable grip and slides easily in and out of pockets.
The touchscreen functionality remains intact even with the additional layer of Gorilla Glass. The silent slider is a cleverly designed feature that allows quick and easy access to mute your device. Power button, home button and headphone jack access tab are well-made and hassle-free to use.


The Lunatik Taktik Extreme case comes loaded with features that enhance both protection and usability. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:


1. Retro-Futuristic Design

The Taktik Extreme case stands out with its unique retro-futuristic design. While it may not appeal to everyone, its distinctive aesthetic is sure to catch the eye of gadget enthusiasts who appreciate unconventional and bold designs.


2. Impact and Scratch Protection

With its robust construction, the Taktik Extreme case provides unparalleled protection against impacts and scratches. You can be rest assured that your iPhone will remain unharmed, even in the most challenging environments.


3. Easy Accessibility

All ports and buttons on the iPhone are easily accessible without the need to remove the case. This convenience ensures that you can seamlessly use your device without any hindrance.


4. Water Resistance

The Taktik Extreme case offers IP57 water resistance, providing an additional layer of protection against accidental spills and splashes. While it is not waterproof, it can withstand everyday exposure to water.


5. Military Grade Construction

The case’s solid build quality ensures that there are no loose or rattling parts. Movable components such as the dock cover flap and silent mode switch are robust and unlikely to break or snap off.


6. Lifetime Replacement Warranty

One of the best parts of purchasing any Lunatik product is that it comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime replacement warranty. If you feel that your case is looking old or is worn out from somewhere or even if a screw is gone missing, you can ask for a free replacement.


Most Rugged iPhone Case

With its Military Grade construction, distinctive design, and user-friendly features, the Lunatik Taktik Extreme case has emerged as the top contender in the realm of rugged iPhone cases. While it may not be suitable for those seeking a slim profile or complete waterproofing, its exceptional impact protection and sci-fi aesthetics make it an excellent choice for gadget enthusiasts who value both style and durability.
Lunatik Taktik Extreme case offers a high-quality and reliable solution to safeguard your iPhone. If you are looking for a protective case that not only shields your device but also makes a bold statement, the Lunatik Taktik Extreme is the ultimate choice for the Taktikian in you.
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lunatik military standard MIL-STD



MIL-STD-810G military standard is a series of drop tests designed by the US military to test and verify the limits of a device in various environments where it is expected to be used. The tests vary according to the purpose, size and weight of the device being tested. Although prepared specifically for U.S. military applications, the standard is often applied for mobile phone cases as well.

The suite and test specifications are very extensive and cover a very large array of conditions and situations. That said, in the context of mobile phone cases, which is what we design, nearly all the references to military standard drop protection has to do with the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Drop Test (shocks). MIL-STD-810G 516.6, defines a process by which devices are dropped multiple times in a “free fall” manner, on all faces, sides, corners, and edges, from a fixed height, to a flat surface. (Objects are dropped from a stationary position and are not thrown or directed)

Various options within military standard drop testing affect the severity of a test, including:

  • Height of Drop — devices can be dropped from varying heights within MIL-STD specifications. Higher drops produce greater impacts.
  • Surface Material — surface material to which units are dropped. Harder and rougher surfaces produce higher impacts during drop tests.
  • Temperature — drop tests occurring over a wider temperature range are more prone to physical failures at temperature extremes (such as cracking at cold temperatures and swelling at hot temperatures).


A military standard drop test is a test designed to examine the structural integrity of a product.

During the lifetime of a phone or any mobile device, it is likely that at some point it will be dropped. The total cost of ownership for the end user of the product depends upon how the product endures that drop.

Drop testing is done to examine the ruggedness, or resistance to damage, of the case that’s going to protect a mobile phone device (inside it) when dropped. Since accidental drops are likely to occur during a product’s lifetime, it is important that a product be designed to withstand a minimum defined number of these impacts. (Note that this does not mean that devices are designed to be dropped intentionally).

When we mention that our cases have MIL-STD-810G military standard drop protection, it means the case has passed rigorous drop testing focused on real life impact conditions. Extreme weather, dust and shock are a few of the nearly 30 testing situations.


Various drop standards exists that are often used when testing devices including Lunatik’s internal drop standards, which adopts the U.S. Military Standard (MIL-STD) drop testing for shocks.

At LUNATIK we focus on making the world’s most rugged cases and that pushes us to go beyond. We design, add and combine our own drop tests with MIL-STD-810G 516.6, dropping a case more than 250 times from a height of 10ft. on various surfaces like concrete, wood, tiles, ground, grass and other hard surfaces in a controlled environment.

  • Drops tests are distributed over 5 test units
  • Unit test includes multiple corner drops, edge drops, and face drops.
  • Units are dropped at 3 temperatures ranges (at high, low, and room temperature).
  • Units are non-operational (powered off) for the drop test.
  • Drop heights range from 4 to 10 feet.

If there’s any damage to the device inside, we go back to finding the fault and redesign the case.


Not all drop specifications are the same, when assessing drop performance, one should look at all the factors mentioned above. From life-critical to lifestyle, we have designed several military standard products with durability, protection, and ruggedness for hostile environments. We’ve learned a ton in the process: user needs, new materials, creative construction, fabrication techniques, and also plain old common sense. Whether it’s survival, shocks, scratches, spills, slopes, or kids – we’ve applied our experience in protection to creating the truly all weather rugged protection cases.

LUNATIK cases are extremely popular with individuals who work at the military, law enforcement, fire department, truck drivers, construction workers, machine operators, farmers, sportsmen, carpenters, etc.


The Lunatik Taktik EXTREME is practically the only case that offers 360° heavy duty drop protection for your smart phone against extremely hard falls. EXTREME case provides ultra-durable protection against bumps, drops and screen damage, as well as water spills, dust and snow. The touch screen display of your smart phone will be thoroughly protected by a touch sensitive transparent screen-protector Gorilla Glass lens. The Fingerprint Scanner, Retina Scanner, Touch ID and Face ID features work seamlessly with all EXTREME cases.


Using protection isn’t always good looking. That’s why we’ve injected our LUNATIK design DNA into our protective phone cases. We look into details like fit, finish, details, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, that others simply chose to ignore. From the ballistic screen protection to our shockproof suspension system, we’ve gone above and beyond to transform the your smart phone into a highly rugged everyday warrior. Lunatik want you to be excited about using protection. If you are tired of the same old box with sloppy features, we’ve got you covered with the EXTREME case, it meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.


LUNATIK case believes that the extra effort to make a product great is worth every dollar spent on it. For us, the user satisfaction comes first. Apple makes great long lasting products and the EXTREME might just make them last even longer.
At LUNATIK case we have focused on making cases that exceed user expectations in the rugged case market and one that balances striking aesthetics with innovative performance features. There is no reason you have to settle for one or the other. With EXTREME case you get both: a case that takes a beating and turns heads at the same time.

lunatik taktik extreme iphone 13 pro max case black


EXTREME’s shockproof suspension features a silicone Impact Hex Truss perimeter, compressed between two aviation grade anodized aluminum bezels. The front bezel includes an adhered compression seal liner to protect from water drops seeping into the case. The rear bezel features an open, unobstructed camera pass, as if the case wasn’t there. This multi-layer construction compresses the silicone truss creating a suspension system to cradle your precious iPhone.


LUNATIK’s latest Impact Protection Gorilla Glass is the hardest, thinnest, super touch sensitive and most durable glass that we have ever incorporated in the EXTREME iPhone cases. It is a sealed impact protection gorilla glass lens on the front bezel including anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. You won’t even know you are using protection and there’s no loss of sensitivity or performance. Maintaining the interaction quality of your smart phone and we have spared no expense to achieve this. The gorilla glass lens on the EXTREME case alone costs more than our competitor’s entire case. Its time to leave behind sloppy old plastic cases.





lunatik epik watch kit


What happens when you take the world’s most advanced and best-selling smartwatch and combine it with a ruggedly refined, precision engineered case and strap from the leader in premium mobile protection? You make it Epik. 

For those who demand more personality and/or seek adventure, the Apple Watch will require enhanced protection. LUNATIK Epik transforms your Apple Watch into a bold, iconic and just plain badass wearable companion, ready for anything. With Epik you can enjoy your adventures without worry, knowing your investment is safely protected.

Epik is the rebirth and evolution of the LUNATIK Watch Kit. An instant global crowdfunding success in the technology and lifestyle industries, the original LUNATIK Watch Kit has been the icon for Apple’s wearable technology for the last 4 years. Now that the Apple Watch is here and poised to change the industry, LUNATIK is focused on developing epic solutions that enable users to use the Apple Watch  in any situation. 
Meticulously designed by Team Lunatik, Epik was inspired by the precision details, functional design and durable materials of outdoor gear. Epik is a distinctively masculine statement crafted for those who appreciate a more rugged aesthetic.

Launched by the design team that kickstarted it all, a few years ago we changed the entrepreneurial world when we simultaneously sparked the global crowdfunding and smartwatch movement. We built a loyal community of Kickstarter and LUNATIK fans that believed a small group of passionate designers and product developers could create something pure and uncompromising. At LUNATIK, our mission is to develop solutions that enable and enhance mobility in any environment—mobility without limits.

Forged from aluminum alloy and premium performance materials, Epik will transform your Apple Watch into conversation-starting, high tech gear that is as comfortable in the boardroom as it is on a mountaintop.
Epik’s rugged case encloses and protects the Apple Watch’s more sensitive and delicate areas. The premium, anti-dust and dirt coated silicone sport strap or aluminum link bracelet with silicone sub-links and butterfly clasp, are designed for long term comfort and durability, even through your toughest workouts. Epik’s highly tactile Active-Control Crown couples seamlessly with Apple’s Digital Crown to enhance grip, making interaction with your apps more efficient in highly active moments.

Get Your Own EPIK Watch Kit here: